The Blind Smith

The Blind Smith

They are called the Shadow Guardians, and they are a force of nature, striking out in the name of justice… striking against those who transcend the limits of law and order. Alone, each member is a highly-skilled artisan and potent combatant. Together, they are all but unstoppable.

But they didn’t begin there.

The man who would one day come to lead their ranks, J. J. Moore, was once a computer wunderkind, happy with the life afforded to a Silicon Valley Baron. That life, however, had no defense against treachery from within. One moment, J. J. was riding high. He was very, very rich and very much in love. He lost his fortune, the object of his affection, and his sight at the same time.

But he didn’t die.

And a bunch of people are going to wish he had.



The Blind Smith


We begin with The Forge.

But before we procure the necessary materials to craft the weapon, we must first see to the craftsman. In this case, he is a Journeyman who used to call himself The Visionary. But that was before John James Moore lost his sight and nearly lost his life.

He was saved, but you cannot call the man who delivered J. J. from certain death a hero. That man’s too busy being a Master Assassin… and, ultimately, the one who teaches J. J. how to function and fight without his eyes.

It is The Blind Smith who seeks his revenge on the man who nearly destroyed him, stepping into a world where the status life and death is decided upon which killer possesses the greater skill.