Starblazer: Through the Black Gate

Starblazer: Through the Black Gate

“You’ve come to The Rims. This is the place of High Adventure!”

A woman, whose first memory is waking up in a stolen strato-glider 4 years ago, finds herself a starship captain. Armed with a blaster and a First Mate, she sets off to recruit her crew. It’s hard being a pirate, but JoJo makes it look good!

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The First Star has been named and claimed. Answering the call of a quest, the Master Traveler has ventured far from home to a place called the Rims. In many ways it is much like the two systems of his people; the premise of Technology in competition with the Energies is debated on many levels, with neither side able to claim and hold higher ground. Still, it is the matter of the quest that beckons him – the Star Chaser – to engage this place and find not only the source of the rising plight of humanity, but the solution which will deliver the race of the Founders.

In the Prelude to Reiter’s expansive saga, we were introduced to Dungias, a bold and enterprising outcast of a uniquely powerful race. Now having adopted his role of the Star Chaser – a restless traveler, driven to uncover all that was hidden in the universe – we join him again on his journey, the looming Star Quest to save the legacy of the Founders – humanity.

Hardened by his circumstances, Dungias arrives at The Rims only to find his resolve shaken. But, he has already met JoJo Starblazer, a self-styled pirate and ace pilot, and one who shares Dungias’ insatiable appetite for the unknown. With her daring, her brilliance, and her steely determination and appetite for freedom, Dungias will find adventure and danger like he’s never known before!

“A venturesome sci-fi/fantasy novel for readers who really want their action set where no man has gone before.”
– Kirkus Reviews


Beyond the Outer Rim Series:
Knights of the Inner Rim – a BTOR Adventure & Introduction to the Rims
Prelude – Star Chaser: The Traveler
Bridge Novel – Pieces of the Dark Eight
Book One – Starblazer: Through the Black Gate