Before pyramids or diamonds, Africa gave the world another offering. Called the Protectors, the Talmanjahr developed a system of movement that would eventually come to be called the Martial Arts. Alex has been trained as one of them!

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After losing his mother to a runaway car, Alex was determined to never again be without the skills necessary to protect those he loved. Life became a welcome routine of study and work when he was sent to live with his military officer father overseas. That is, until his father went MIA.

Stunned by loss and determined not to end up in an orphanage, Alex began a near-impossible journey to find the one man who could continue his education… the man who had taught his father.

What Alex would become was something no one could have predicted. And in one of life’s little surprises, he discovered that the loved ones he swore to protect had somehow become much more than just his family.