Mind of the Man-Child

Mind of the Man-Child

Mind of the Man-Child

William thought he was just a High School Senior. He’s the son of a banished mother & executed father, endowed mental powers. Born of two tribes, he should be deformed. Things didn’t turn out that way. Now both tribes are hunting him.

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What if people could perform telepathic surgery on others? Imagine… changing how someone thinks! What if the Tower of Babel was actually the manipulations of Man? Who are these people? And why do they want to kill off one of their own?

Mind of the Man-Child is the first volume in the “Lost Children of Earth” Series.

The story follows the psychic awakening of William, a young man who is actually the son of members of a race of humans who are no longer from Earth. This race is involved in a civil war which ends up on William’s doorstep. The confused teenager must deal with bullies both at home and from beyond the stars, a new love, and a team of FBI agents who are tracking a series of very unusual murders.

A new twist on a beloved genre, Mind of the Man-Child is sure to capture the imagination & have the reader eager for the installments to come.