Folded Steel

Folded Steel

They are called the Shadow Guardians, and they are a force of nature, striking out in the name of justice… striking against those who transcend the limits of law and order. Alone, each member is a highly-skilled artisan and potent combatant. Together, they are all but unstoppable.

But they didn’t begin there.

The man who would one day come to lead their ranks, J. J. Moore, was once a computer wunderkind, happy with the life afforded to a Silicon Valley Baron. That life, however, had no defense against treachery from within. One moment, J. J. was riding high. He was very, very rich and very much in love. He lost his fortune, the object of his affection, and his sight at the same time.

But he didn’t die.

And a bunch of people are going to wish he had.



Folded Steel


The third and final volume of THE FORGE.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. It’s become a mantra of J. J. Moore’s life. The man might not be able to see, but he definitely has a vision. It’s all about making his dream a reality and the pieces are coming together.

He chose Sonya to be his Field Team Leader. She is deaf but the team already has workarounds in place to address that issue. While he keeps his actual ability a secret, he is able to administer the training for the team and Calamari is born! She takes to leading the forming team as they begin dealing justice to those who consider themselves above the law.
However, J. J. is forced to acknowledge and deal with his past and his affiliation with The Arsenal. Touching upon depths and definitions that frighten even the blind assassin, he must find a way to balance his dedication to the ways his teacher has imparted on him while fine-tuning his own creations, the Shadow Guardians.

The Blind Smith revealed J. J. Moore as we saw him lose his sight and gain his ability. Muted Rage revealed the origins of his team. Folded Steel takes us even further into the shadow world as the heated ingot is folded and pounded flat, only to be folded again. The reason for the fold is to strengthen the steel. But if the technique is applied in error, the metal might break.

Step inside The Forge… try not to mind the heat!

Dive into the continuation of an exciting new action-filled series from the USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, G. Russell Gaynor.