Star Chaser: The Traveler: Beyond the Outer Rim

This universe holds untold mysteries, and just as many adventures to be had. In Reiter’s astonishing Star Chaser: The Traveler: Beyond the Outer Rim, reader’s are taken to realms beyond the limits of imagination, and are introduced to a cast of characters which will break through the walls of possibility, and change one’s view of the infinite… forever. This genre-busting sci-fi classic in the making boasts impossibilities, expansive horizons of hope and victory, and a space opera storyline which sets up countless quests to come!

Star Chaser: The Traveler: Beyond The Outer Rim is the prequel to a science fiction epic, in which we are introduced to the curious character of Z’Gunok Tel Dungias, an enigmatic member of a noble house of Malgovi. Despite representing the newest generation of a truly fascinating race, Dungias lacks the mystic power possessed by his ancestors; the ability to summon IRO energy, and forge the world around them as they see fit. His failings as a Malgovi have left him an outcast, an outsider, and convinced that his destiny lies elsewhere in the universe… the ideal ingredients for the creation of a maverick adventure, keen to set out his own path across the void of space. 

Through his daring, cunning, courage, and outsider perspective, Dungias works at establishing a new role for himself: that of the Traveler. His failings in IRO manipulation become more than compensated by his technological mastery, and his patience in perfecting skills long since forgotten by his kind. Despite being considered anathema by many, he adopts the way of the Traveler, and sets out on his multi-dimensional journey through the vastness of space. Who knows what friends and foes he’ll meet along his way in this science fiction masterwork of grandiose proportions!

In the creation of Star Chaser: The Traveller: Beyond The Outer Rim, Reiter has conjured up a world free from boundaries and borders. His gorgeously-painted characters and snappy dialogue allows the action to race along at breakneck speed, leaving readers breathless with excitement, and wrapped up in a universe of immersive possibility. For fans of Sci-Fi, this prequel to the series is as good as it gets… and it’s sure to leave all who read it aching for more!

About the Author:

Russell a.k.a. Reiter
Russell a.k.a. Reiter

Born in a common house, in a common land, during a common time, Reiter was issued to the world in the same manner as any other notion of life. Born of circumstance and perspective, he came to see life from a standpoint most might label askew (but let’s not get him started on labels). It was through this angle of vision that his mind opened up to the limitless possibilities of thought and existence.

Since our first act is to covet, Reiter’s train of thought was detoured to mythology and how such fantastic stories were used to explain scientific fact. That is where his abilities were first applied; the battle that rages between Atlas and Hercules continues to this day. The Moon moves closer to the Earth and then further away, depending on who is winning the contest. It is a simple beginning, perhaps, but a beginning nonetheless and one that ushered other stories that grew along with the young man, encompassing greater scope and depth.

What some called daydreaming, he called a work in progress. There is a universe out there, full of theory and definition – waiting for its story to be told. It holds comedy, tragedy, adventure, mystery, horror, action and intrigue. Reiter is but one of its storytellers!

About the author

Russell a.k.a. Reiter

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