Rising Gods and Falling Crowns: Behind the Outer Rim Series – Bridge Novel

Rising Gods and Falling Crowns

You can only travel so far before you start facing the impossible. Beyond the boundaries of infinity, even the greatest of adventurers will find peril, and worlds and enemies unlike anything they’ve faced before. In Rising Gods and Falling Crowns, Reiter takes his readers to darker, more hallucinogenic sci-fi landscapes than ever before, and this chapter in his space opera series is a rollercoaster ride through time, space, and the limits of endurance. Strap yourself in – it’s going to be a dangerous ride!

Dungias the Star Traveler continues his search for adventure beyond the Rims, where he finds himself on a quest to save humankind, in much the same way The Founders had secured the survival of his own people. However, it soon becomes apparent that, once again, he is cast as an outsider… and he must once again turn to JoJo Starblazer, adventurer, pirate, and woman of extraordinary grit and cunning.

Joined by a crew of fellow quest-seekers, Dungias and Starblazer find themselves at Black Gate, and face down an enemy which tests their mettle to the absolute. With a new quest having arisen, a path is being forged before them… but before that galaxy-shaking journey can begin, a new darkness is emerging which blocks their path, and which must be vanquished. In order to progress with their destiny, our heroes must face down gods and adversaries of a wholly new kind. There can only be one victor, and the stars will quake before the battle’s done.

Rising Gods and Falling Crowns may be a bridge novel in this epic science fiction series, which continually surprises with new galactic empires, alien threats, and expansive realities. However, it is one which paints its character and plot lines with such confidence, such colour, and such shattering power, it more than stands alone as a high point of the saga. Reiter

About the Author:

Russell a.k.a. Reiter
Russell a.k.a. Reiter

Born in a common house, in a common land, during a common time, Reiter was issued to the world in the same manner as any other notion of life. Born of circumstance and perspective, he came to see life from a standpoint most might label askew (but let’s not get him started on labels). It was through this angle of vision that his mind opened up to the limitless possibilities of thought and existence.

Since our first act is to covet, Reiter’s train of thought was detoured to mythology and how such fantastic stories were used to explain scientific fact. That is where his abilities were first applied; the battle that rages between Atlas and Hercules continues to this day. The Moon moves closer to the Earth and then further away, depending on who is winning the contest. It is a simple beginning, perhaps, but a beginning nonetheless and one that ushered other stories that grew along with the young man, encompassing greater scope and depth.

What some called daydreaming, he called a work in progress. There is a universe out there, full of theory and definition – waiting for its story to be told. It holds comedy, tragedy, adventure, mystery, horror, action and intrigue. Reiter is but one of its storytellers!

About the author

Russell a.k.a. Reiter

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